Welcome to Freshtel Internet

Who we are

We are a group of passionate & enterprising professionals with a combination of 50+ years in the Telecommunications industry who are determined to reFRESH our customers expectations of what an Internet experience can be!

We want to shake up the telecommunications industry and will constantly evolve to deliver an experience that our customers will absolutely enjoy as we strive to always put our customers at the heart of what we do.

We aim to serve our customers across Malaysia, helping connect people to the digital world and enabling them to discover and experience its endless possibilities. We aim to bring a totally reFRESHing change to you, our valued customers!

How is Freshtel different

Freshtel aspires ‘to be different’ and our slogan is ‘Your needs communitized’ which means we want to build a community with all our customers.

Freshtel will regularly hold events & loyalty program with our customers and reward them and we want our customers to consistently give us feedback to improve our service, hence all our correspondences & liaison with them will be via Facebook and will be very transparent.


We'd love to hear from you !